09.09.2015 17:56

RAOB - Unname selected elements

Introduction The main objective of ripraraob application is simplifying unnamed process for more PDMS components and or for members also. Assumption To use this application is necessary have installed PDMS 12.1 and the Application must be installed in right folder defined in evar pmllib. Scope...


23.05.2014 16:17

Welding fittings

Maximum internal working pressures for fittings The allowable pressure ratings for fittings designed in accordance with the standard ASME B 16.9–1993 may be calculated as for straight seamless pipe in accordance with the rules established in the applicable section of the ASME B...


23.05.2014 16:04

ASTM standards - scope

ASTM SPECIFICATION FOR A 53 / A 53 M – 99b Pipe, steel, black and hot-dipped, zinc coated, welded and seamless. A 105 / A 105 M – 98 Carbon steel forgings for piping applications. A 106 – 99 Seamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature...


15.03.2013 18:30

Dynamic update for Equipments

The basic question is how to ensure changes are made at the level of Equi without having to copy and re-use without temlate. Answer is to use the rule for setting the parameters of secondary equipment. The easiest to understand is an example of a specific case. We create a model of simple EQUIpment...


01.02.2013 15:51

What is and how to use the Intelligent Text?

Intelligent text allows data to be automatically extracted from the Design, Catalogue or Drawing databases and entered on a Drawing. Intelligent text uses codewords, which all begin with a # character. The advantages of intelligent text are:  If the data in any of the three databases changes...


15.01.2013 13:49

PDMS 12.0 to 12.1 Upgrade

1 Introduction To prepare a 12.0 project for 12.1 use, a database upgrade is required. To perform the upgrade the user must do the following: Start ADMIN. Lock the project. Invoke the upgrade process. Refer to Upgrade Commands. Unlock the project. Note: It is not a requirement that Catalogue...


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